Live Chat – A Marriage of Form and Function

chatThe online world is a world very much attuned to how things look. Just consider all the social media sites out there like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Or even web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Every so often, these products release new versions or updates to improve their design. And design isn’t just about how a certain thing looks; it’s about the marriage of function and fashion. The term “fashion” doesn’t just apply to clothes or shoes, it applies to everything. In this instance, websites and other online products have to keep up with an area of fashion called “web design”. Compare how a website from the 90s looks and how a website nowadays looks – entirely different. Subsequently, this also applies to live chat service for website.


Looks Are Important

Color, style, font, text size, general shape of the window… These are all important concerns for anything that gets put out into the web. May it be an application, a menu, an advisory, a meme, or a simple banner – how a thing is composed together will make an impression to the customer. Generally in the past, chat service for website got plopped down in a corner of the screen and popped up at irritating times for the customer. Chat services were an afterthought. But its increasing presence online means more care towards its appearance must be paid. Studies have shown that a good first impression makes a big impact in how a customer responds to a business. Have a chat service that looks good and has been carefully designed to reflect the website’s look and the target demographic will entice customers to actually use it. A poorly designed chat service for website will be a turn-off, engendering derisive scorn and making it less likely for a customer to even take a second look at it. So businesses should consider a chat service that lets them tailor the product to fit their needs exactly. No compromises for something so important.


The Backend Is Important, Too

But it’s not just the customer window that should be of concern – the backend or the agent end is just as important. Live chat service for website live and die by the performance of the agent using the tool. The app itself helps, but the ultimate service comes from how well the agent manages to address the customer’s queries and concerns. By having a well-designed service window for the agent to use, the efficiency and clarity of the service won’t suffer. A good design in this instance involves having clearly delineated areas for all parts of the job – areas for customer information, available information, links to management contact information, waiting customers, addressed concerns, customer-relevant data, etc. How this is all put together makes all the difference.


Seems Too Much Fuss But Not Really

If all of this seems like too much trouble to bother with, it’s important to remember that people are people. They appreciate convenience and appearance both. Chat service for website is just like everything else in the market. The minds of people respond to what looks good and what feels good. These often go hand in hand. It seems like such a shallow and ridiculous thing to think about but that’s exactly how products are marketed – with an emphasis on looking its best at all times. Advertisements work on much the same scale. A customer is more likely to go for a product they think is better and without actual data at hand to benchmark results, often the product’s design will be the baseline consideration. In the world of business, looking good is being good.