Exceptional Funeral Services

One characteristic of exceptional funeral and cremation services is its thoroughness and attention to detail.  Great funeral services think of even the smallest of details that grieving families should not pay attention to anymore.  At, www.gentrygriffey.com, we have a complete array of services that take the burden off grieving loved ones and allow them to just come to terms with their loss.  This is an important aspect of the service that Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel and Crematory provide.


With over 60 years’ worth of experience in the funeral services business, we constantly listen to our customers’ needs and we are sensitive to the changing needs of the community.  Although we have proudly been serving the area of Knox County, Tennessee for a number of years now, we recognize that we need to respond to our clients’ preferences and needs.


Here is a complete list of services that we provide our clients. You can also find more information by visiting our website www.gentrygriffey.com.


funerals• Pre-arrangement Service:
For your peace of mind, Gentry Griffey offers pre-arrangement services.  This allows you and your family to sit with a pre-planning funeral specialist and plan every detail of the funeral service – from choosing the casket and flowers, to choosing the final disposition of the body.  This allows loved ones to know exactly what to do when the time comes.  This is for the benefit of your family and loved ones, so that they will not worry anymore.


Another advantage of pre-arrangement is that you can pre-pay future services at present prices.  You and your family will then receive enough protection from inflation and cost of funeral services that usually increase by 100% every 10 years. There are reasonable financial planning options that fit every family’s budget.


If you have an existing pre-arrangement plan with another company and would like Gentry Griffey to take care of it instead, then rest assured that the company can take care of it all. We assure you that you will not have a difficult time in passing on a previous funeral arrangement from another funeral company to our company.


• Complete Funeral Service:
Gentry Griffey’s complete funeral service package comprehensively covers all areas, eliminating unwarranted worry and stress from the grieving family.  We take care of embalming, visitation, funeral service, hearse, transportation to the final resting place, and even gratuity to the minister.  We also take care of small details that make it special for the family such as acknowledgement cards, service musicians, remembrance registry, memorial folders and service décor.


• Special Services:
During the funeral, we offer special services and activities according to the wishes of the deceased or their loved ones.  In order to further honor the deceased, we usually offer dove releases, balloon releases and bagpipes. These are all chosen based on culture, preference or personality of the deceased.  The personalization options do not end there.


During pre-arrangement, you can also choose to place portraits or paintings of the family, customized cards and other details. Our other special services include floral arrangements, Celebration of Life DVD, getting paperwork done, and composing obituaries. For deceased loved ones who served in the military, you can also take advantage of veteran flag case and gratuity to the American Legion for Military Service.  These special services are beautifully captured on video, as seen in our website www.gentrygriffey.com.


Cremation• Cremation:
These days, cremation is becoming a more popular option for families.  Just like in traditional burial services, there are also many options to consider for cremation.  Aside from the actual cremation of the body, we also offer memorial services and personalized urns.  The full service cremation package also includes visitation, a funeral service or a memorial service. Prior to the cremation, there is an option for visitation, with the remains inside a traditional casket or cremation casket.


The advantage of our cremation service is that our crematory is on-site, so the body doesn’t need to be transferred to a separate facility anymore.  Gentry Griffey is the only on-site crematory in the Knoxville area.  Our licensed staff handles the cremation.  After the cremation, the ashes are placed in urns.  We have several urns available, with a variety of materials and designs.


• Grief Support Group:
One of our newest endeavors aims to help families and loved ones cope with the sadness and go through a healthy grieving process.  Called BLOOMS Grief Support, it gives reading materials and discussions focusing on the process of grieving.  Scheduled upcoming meetings are posted on the website, www.gentrygriffey.com. You may also give us a call or visit our facility.  Our address and telephone number are also stated on the website.  We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate your burial or cremation needs, and even cemetery arrangements.


If you want to learn more about our services, you are welcome to visit our website at www.gentrygriffey.com.