Extraordinary Uses for ID Lanyards You Probably Didn’t Know

When you hear the word ID lanyard, you immediately think of security, identification or corporate promotional item. However, there are more uses to ID lanyards. Here is a list of where you can utilize these amazing contraptions:



1.Wedding Token


id lanyardsIf you are having a large wedding, you can provide your guests individual lanyards that can be used to identify them as special guests and even group them. It is not merely about making your big day organized, as it can bring a touch of fun while you make the guests feel that they are “officially” part of the event. You will also promote exciting social encounters because your guests will not feel awkward talking to other guests. They can look at someone’s ID and strike up a conversation. Who knows, this may be the way for someone to meet their own future wife or husband! After the event, your guests can bring home their lanyards as a souvenir from your wedding. You can have your names printed on the lanyards as well as the date of your wedding. On a more important note, the lanyards can provide security to your event. You will avoid party crashers and any unpleasant incidents.




When you have an upcoming building project or raising funds for your Little League team or your marching band, you will be on a quest of talking to people and encouraging them to let go of their hard-earned money and invest it in your purpose. It is not an easy task. But you can present yourself as to them in a very pleasant and endearing way. Try wearing an ID lanyard that promotes your cause when you talk with people. If you make it look attractive enough for them to want one, they will not find it hard to part with their money and join your cause. Donors get ID lanyards, usually printer with the name and logo of your team, school or your project. They will feel a sense of belonging and they will immediately something out of their investment.


3.Given as Gifts


Do you have faithful friends who have stuck with you through the years? Or do you have a team in the office that stick together like family? How about an upcoming reunion? Then ID lanyards can be the perfect gift to give to show your appreciation and love. Moreover, it will promote solidarity in your group and in your family. Recipients of custom lanyards will love this keepsake and will treasure it for many years to come. The best part is that it is a very useful item. Compared to giving a figurine or a regular coffee mug, your family and friends can use the lanyard gifts as holders for small items that they use from day to day.


4.Event Souvenirs


Apart from weddings, you can use lanyards as souvenirs for other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and more. During church gatherings and other religious conventions, ID lanyards can be used not only for identification and security but also as party or fundraiser souvenirs


5.Political Rallies and Sports Events


Political rallies need organization and this is where lanyards come in. They provide security, safety and representation. People who are part of certain parties are proud to wear their party’s t-shirts, straw hats, bull caps, arm bands and lanyards to signify their support during conventions and rallies. When they do this, it is as if they are saying “Go Team!” The same is true for sports fans who attend games. The team items make them recognized and associated with their particular teams. It is also a means of identifying and striking up conversation with people who belong to the same team.